Wildomar Politicians Temporarily Exempted From Eating…..


Although there are many good reasons for the current Wildomar City Council to manifest humility, Wildomar Magazine recognizes the unhealthy nature of the ingesting of a particular breed of bird.

The following list of reasons for public expression of Council humility, include:

1) The failure of Measure D, by their inclusion of MelloRoos language in the measure, causing its defeat
2) The as yet un-acknowledged utilization of Gil Rasmussen’s documented suggestion that Marna O’Brien Park be maintained by the various sports leagues that most benefit from it
3) That the Medical Marijuana collective has been operating for some time without any noticeable detriment to the community, despite the wastage of thousands of dollars of taxpayer monies to stop them.

Understand, that Wildomar Magazine is not going soft on this City Council.

Rather, the recent discovery of a dead crow bearing the West Nile Virus within the Wildomar city limits, makes “eating crow” too unhealthy, even for the politically ignorant.

Please click on the following link to confirm:


Pause with me, if you would, for a non-satirical moment.

 Literally hundreds of crows fly over my residence in Wildomar on a daily basis, some occasionally stopping to rest in my trees.

If you find a dead crow in your yard, be certain to advise the County of Riverside, who will retrieve the dead bird and test it for the dread virus.

Don’t touch it, and for heaven sakes, don’t eat it. (Zak never knows when the adolescents on the City Council might choose to take his advice).

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