One Silly Letter….



At last evening’s Wildomar City Council meeting, City Councilman Tim  Walker “fessed up” for being the source of the City Council agenda’s embarrassing reference to a nonexistent water well drilling company, whose $70,000 estimate to drill a new water well at Marna O’Brien Park was cited by city staff in their staff report.

“Fain Drilling, not Sain Drilling,” quoth Walker.

Wildomar Magazine has made millions of dollars while mocking Wildomar’s elected officials for their inability to spell.

At same time, City Staff, supposed professionals, have earned thousands of dollars in salary while foolishly relying upon unreliable sources, such as Walker, while incorporating bad information into their staff reports.

Since letters, such as eff and ess, don’t matter in Wildomar, Walker should take no offense then, when Zak opines that Walker is a Dumb Aff.

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Unfortunately, Wildomar’s aff is on the line and we have to rely on these people to make the right decisions on our behalf.

My confidence in all of them is “sailing.”


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