Finally, it appears that the Enron-inspired “boondoggle” that has sapped multiplied millions of dollars from the wallets of the ratepayers of the Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District has gone off the cliff to its doom.

Today’s Patch article includes  “some ” of the information, as follows:


What must not be forgotten is the unrelenting hubris displayed by EVMWD elected officials pressing, over the last two decades, for the start up and completion of this financial monstrosity, which on it’s best day, could only produce 87% of the electricity required to pump Lake Elsinore’s foul, fetid water into a mountaintop canyon for later release, purportedly to make money for the District and save energy for the electrical grid.

It was never going to pay for itself.

It would destroy a pristine canyon.

It would forever scar the hills above us.

It was the epitome of influential entrepreneurs with political connections at the congressional level,  luring local rubes, supposedly  running a Water District to protect our interests,  into their financial/political web.

A special word of thanks, for wasting our money on this boondoggle. to all EVMWD Directors, save for Chris Hyland and John Lloyd (who courageously opposed and undermined this foolish effort).

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The only announcement that could ever be happier than the above, would be the announcement of indictments of those responsible for perpetuating this expensive boondoggle, when they knew it wouldn’t/couldn’t live up to its promises.

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