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Back in the day, circa 1949, my father was attending the Assemblies of God Bible school in Minneapolis, Minnesota, North Central Bible Institute.

My father parked cars for people such as the president of General Mills, in order to support his growing family, of which I was the baby of the family and, at that time, only son, and beginning to display the artistic potential that has blossomed from time to time in my life.

Sometimes, it was the trombone.

And other times, like the present, it’s the pen.

One of the men he served daily by parking his automobile was Dimitri Mitropoulos, then conductor of the prestigious Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra from 1937 to 1949.

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Ever the proud father, planning and studying for a life in the service for Jesus, my musical parents had taught me the words and melody to a simple gospel hymn, “It Is No Secret What God Can Do.”

I have vague recollections of my father putting me on the telephone so I could sing that gospel hymn to Conductor Mitropoulos. Those recollections were affirmed by my elderly mother, who reminded me throughout my life, after the passing of my father, of his joy in having me sing in a telephone for prominent people.

If you’re not familiar with the song, please click on the following and enjoy the popular Jim Reeves version, as follows:

As you may have gathered from my various writings, I have little regard for the “hipness,” mingled with unwarranted pomposity, that is the signature of many of today’s churches.

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