Andy Morris Replaces Greg Morrison As Zak’s Favorite….



Greg Morrison, former spokeshole for the Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District (“EVMWD”), has, for years, had an adversarial relationship with Zak Turango starting as far back when he was the prime contributor for Elsinore Magazine and continuing to the present with Wildomar Magazine.

Morrison generally kept his snide remarks limited to face-to-face encounters, which made it more personal and, as a result, invited a more immediate response.

As a result, Morrison has been, to quote an old guy phrase, “my favorite turd” at the Water District, which ironically, specializes in processing all of our byproducts.

Recently, EVMWD District 1 Director, Andrew Morris, has replaced Morrison in that coveted fecal-based category, based on his outrageous behavior by an elected official. (See Wildomar Magazine article below, dated May 26, 2011, “Impudence From A Little Boy”).

 In that article, which outlined Morris’s bad behavior as he took it upon himself to shush one of his constituents, Morris provides the basis for his replacement of Morrison.

For the present, the only way for Morris to extricate himself out of the Wildomar Magazine spotlight, will be to execute the previously demanded public apology for his disrespect of an older constituent.

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Zak wanted to get this started before the weather turned warm, on the wise advice of John Wayne.

Sorry, Morris, an e-mail from you will be insufficient.

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