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According to most conservative’s favorite president, when dealing with the Soviets, Reagan always said, “Trust but verify.”

During last evening’s City Staff presentation of the 2011-12 budget, a particular statistic stood out in Zak’s mind.

Only last summer when the Joint Powers Agreement for the Animal Friends of the Valley presentation was made, Wildomar was going to be allocated 12% of their costs to operate the facility, purportedly based on the number of stray animals picked up by the AFV.

As of last evening, that number is now 17%.

And no alleged conservative on the Wildomar City Council questioned the difference. To be fair, Mr. Conservative was not on the Council last summer and would not know.  But he is on it now and does know ’cause Zak just told him. And you, dear readers, should make sure he knows.

How is it that Wildomar, with a population of 32,000 people, is responsible for 17% of all the stray animals picked up in Southwest Riverside County, when Murrieta (100,000+) and Temecula (100,000+) seem to bear a dissimilar pro rata application.

Based on the 17% figure, Wildomar is being charged as if it had a population of 188,000 people.

Since Animal Friends of the Valley built their facility in Wildomar and have a “drop-off” capacity at the facility, is likely that some of those 17% strays make it to Wildomar but never make it to the drop-off bin.

Wildomar is likely a stray dog magnet for other communities.

Apparently, we are relying on the internally produced and un-audited records of the AFV.

Unless, and until, the AFV can produce audited statistics in support of their numbers, Wildomar should continue to pay no more than the current 12% allocation, rather than 17% allocation.

All anyone could do, be it the AFV, or a surrounding community, would be to file a Breach of Contract lawsuit. However, discovery would produce documentation, or the lack of it.

Unfortunately, since the Council are mostly members (memberships paid by you and I) of the same Chamberpot of Commerce as are the AFV officials, that’s not likely to happen.

Comment should be made to your Wildomar City Council conservative.

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