A Rose By Any Other Name……


A Community Facilities District, by any other name, is still a…




Whoever surrendered to the blandishment of consultants (Webb & Associates) on the Blue Ribbon Committee, foolishly failed to understand the contempt that homeowner taxpayers have for anything with the name MELLO ROOS attached it.

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It doesn’t matter what the City of Wildomar wants to do with it’s CFD, it was political foolishness to try to “slide this one by” wary, over-taxed voters in 2011.

Although the measure proponents continue to obfuscate by “educating” voters that the ballot measure is a “different” kind of Mello Roos, the damage was irreparable when the measure was first created by the Council. As a result, the  opposition was simple, focused, and inexpensive, despite paranoid allegations of “outside”monies being used to fund it.

The City Council can only blame themselves, should the measure fail to pass on June 07, 2011.

As politicians, they should have known better.

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I’m Pro-Parks, but anti-Mello Roos.

The parks might have been saved with a simple parcel tax.

The City Council left the voters  in Wildomar with few good options to choose.


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