They Gotta Know….UPDATED


….That there is little “city-wide” enthusiasm for Yes on Measure D.

Zak was present at City Hall to observe a pathetic turnout of approximately 40 persons, adults, teenagers and children, plus one dog for the much ballyhoed (in their own limited circle of pro-park “enthusiasts”) “historic” group photograph with Dave the Sign Guy.

SWRNN covered the “impromptu” event as follows:

They were cheerful, to say the least, but sparse.

Here’s a video posted on the Patch of the same event, confirming the “thin as gruel” support:

That being said, it’s not the fault of the pro-park proponents. They were given an impossible task by a City Council who failed to understand that Mello Roos is to a Park tax as kryptonite is to Superman.

Whichever side of the issue is supposedly “lying” about the implications of Mello Roos’ impact on the proposed park assessment doesn’t matter. The fact that a large body of voters only know that Mello Roos is a bad thing, in most cases, is its own poison pill.

The City Council has only themselves to blame. They should have stayed a gazillion miles away from Mello Roos.

Zak is beginning to think the letter “D” stands for defeat. You can hear it in the voices of the proponents.

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It didn’t have to be like “this,” folks but the Council was bound and determined to do it this/their way. Once their ill-advised Blue Ribbon Committee weighed in with a Mello Roos attachment, they were committed to this path.


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