DR Horton “Gets It”….


Developer DR Horton, who took over the defunct “Canyon Village” project from Roger Hobbs, clearly understands the negative implications of any Mello Roos obligations connected with the sale of these new homes by hanging a very large “NO MELLO ROOS” sign on their perimeter fence.

They smartly provided the obvious answer before a potential buyer asks the inevitable question. No further “education” necessary.

(The above photograph was taken from Mission Trail near Bundy Canyon).

Unfortunately, the Wildomar City Council clearly did not/does not understand the negative implications of any Mello Roos attachment to their ballot measure, whatsoever.

My guess is that the developer has to operate in a “real” world, while the City Council “operates,” if you can call it that, primarily in their own fictional “bubble.”

No matter how the Council tries to “spin” or “educate” the voters, they obviously failed to recognize the detrimental effect on voters as a result of the implications of proposing a Mello Roos scheme on June 07, 2011 ballot.

No matter how desirable or beneficial a Mello Roos/CFD may have been, or may be in the future, utilizing it as a vehicle for the so-called “replacement” parks maintenance assessment, given the obvious urgency to restore the $28 per year assessment, in a very narrow time frame, should have precluded its use.

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Zak wonders, if Measure D passes on June 07, 2011, must DR Horton remove their sign on June 08, 2011 to remain truthful, since a “park” Mello Roos would, in the near future, be liened against all parcels in Wildomar?

Including yours.


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