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This morning’s Californian reports a disturbing allegation against José Carvajal, former Californian reporter, former public information officer for the Lake Elsinore Unified School District, and current Spokesman for the Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District.

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Naturally, when allegations, such as these are made, an investigation must ensue. And we all must withhold final judgment until the facts are known.

That being said, and after reading the two negative comments already posted on the “Discussion” page of the Californian, Zak wants to weigh in as well.

Having known José for several years in his capacity as reporter and spokesman, it would be completely out of character for this young man to perpetrate such an act.

And, since he is probably well compensated as a spokesman for a public agency (reporting the news is not a usual career path to becoming rich but you make important contacts with School District administrators), resorting to this as a way to make your mortgage payment is unlikely.

José is also an intelligent young man, who appears to be of good moral character.

Given all of those elements, Zak is content to confidently await the results of a formal investigation into the allegations.

Banks are notorious, in a computerized world, for these types of errors. 

I recently made my monthly mortgage payment to  my local bank and confirmed that they had taken the money from my account, but still received an e-mailed, computer-generated reminder from  my bank that my payment was due.

 Hopefully, there will be a rational explanation and José Carvajal can have this dark cloud eliminated.

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