The June Election Must Be Getting Closer….



While cruising the Internet, I happened upon the City of Wildomar Facebook page, only to find the following posted by Councilmember Bridgette Moore in her comment on Saturday, April 16, 2011 about that day’s Easter Egg hunt, sponsored by the city:

Zak quotes verbatim:

“If Measure D does not pass, then today could have been the last Egg hunt.”

(Editor’s note: After taking a break for lunch, and after has Zak returned to his computer to complete this article, intending to create a link to the City of Wildomar’s Facebook page, but Bridgette’s post had already been deleted in its entirety. Apparently, someone at the city is finally moderating their Facebook page for improprieties. Unfortunately, Zak had already captured it, word for word) 

Fortunately, most kids who still believe in the Easter Bunny don’t read Facebook.

Scare tactics will likely not be a sufficient substitute for the lack of adequate preparation and organization to secure a “Yes” vote on Measure D.

In my opinion, it’s actually displays a little mean streak in Bridgette to resort to scare tactics with small children, for her political purposes.

It also means that the City Council has apparently conceded its leadership obligations, pre-election,  by failing to  consider ways to cut back in other areas of the City’s budget in order to keep the parks open, if they’re so crucial.

For example, the neighbors on my small cul-de-sac have complained to Zak, as well as the City Council, about receiving parking tickets in the middle of the night for parking their cars 6 inches  beyond the end of their driveways, encroaching ever so slightly into the sidewalk directly in front of their homes.

While I never criticize our good deputies, (none of us run “to” the sound of gunfire, except for maybe Bridgette and Ben) I can’t imagine any of our courageous deputies wanting to diminish their duties as deputies to the issuance of a parking ticket in the middle of the night, on their own initiative.

It appears to Zak that perhaps a management decision far above their pay grade has directed them to do so.

In the context of financing the maintenance of parks, if Bridgette thinks parks are so important that she would resort to scaring the voting parents of children she wants to play in Wildomar’s parks, perhaps our law enforcement budget can be trimmed back a bit, given that they apparently have sufficient time to issue parking tickets in the middle of the night.

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