Out Of The Mouth Of Babes….


While digging around the EVMWD archived agenda minutes, looking for written confirmation that Wildomar Mayor Marsha Swanson is a paid consultant to the water district (she was/is, as of January 27, 2010 with a payment of  $1000 for “real estate consulting”), I found an interesting statement made by newly elected EVMWD Division 5 Director, Andy Morris.

Since these are minutes and, as result, are the interpretation of what is being said by Morris as recorded by a District clerk or secretary, and are not always verbatim quotes, Wildomar Magazine invites Morris’s clarifying rebuttal, if warranted, by sending an e-mail to zakturango@excite.com and WM will publish it, to be fair to Morris, if that’s not what he said.

According to the minutes of the January 13, 2011 Regular Business Meeting, during the “Director’s Comments and Requests,” Morris was quoted, as follows:

He (Morris) commented that “he realizes now that he was not only elected to serve Wildomar area, but the entire District.”

Unfortunately, Morris does not understand that, by being elected to represent a District, he should always serve primarily with that district in mind, especially if his district’s specific interests are at stake. If there are no specific district interests implicated, he would, of course, be duty-bound to vote in the best interests of the entire district.

This would be true, as well, of the other District Directors. The net result of District advocacy ensures that every area’s interests are appropriately represented. It doesn’t mean one district’s interests will always carry the day.

However, when a District Director loses his sense of obligation to the people he represents, he then becomes a “tool” of a “disconnected” ruling clique. In this case, it is obvious that Morris is already reflecting a disturbing, disconnected loyalty to the “Greater” Water District’s ruling clique, rather than to the ratepayers of District 5, consisting primarily of Wildomar and a small portion of Murrieta.

“Concerning the merger, he opined that timing is important. One of the complaints received during the campaign season is about layers of government and more specifically water districts. Therefore, for lack of confusion to the public, he believes this merger makes sense.”

Unfortunately, for Morris, read in the light of day, (or even in the middle of the night), his comments make no sense.

Timing would be important for a comedian to know when to use his punch line, or a baseball player in trying to hit a curveball, but the forced integration of a decrepit 80-year-old water sewer system, with the attendant, as yet unknown expense, into the water rate structure for the ratepayers of Wildomar, has nothing to do with timing.

Today, tomorrow, or next year, Zak Turango opposes this merger, without knowing it’s financial implications for Wildomar ratepayers.

There is no benefit whatsoever, in my opinion, to Wildomar from this merger.

Morris should have opposed the merger, as well.  However, as is obvious, he “now” has shifted his loyalty to the “District.”

I doubt that that was the theme of his recent political campaign. While attending a campaign function in Lake Elsinore, and speaking with Ben Wicke, who endearingly spoke of Morris as “Andy,” I knew then that Morris’s loyalties lay elsewhere.

In any event, we are stuck, for the next four years, with Ben Wicke’s “Andy,” this infantile Director for the Universe, when what we needed was a mature Director for District 5, representing Wildomar’s interests.

So much for political integrity (an obvious oxymoron, unless you are Sheryl Ade).

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