Will The Wildomar City Council Stand Up…



Don’t be astonished, if they don’t have any loyalty to the citizens of Wildomar.

To his credit,  the Californian’s capable reporter Michael J. Williams returns to our good graces by timely writing about an upcoming Elsinore Water District (“Little *ss water district”) meeting to vote on the proposed merger with the Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District (“Big A$$ water district”) on Tuesday.

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Inasmuch as the reason for the proposed merger is that customers of the Little *ss water district are unwilling to pay for their long-avoided maintenance and upgrades to their nearly 80-year-old water and sewer system and now want to be swallowed up by the Big A$$ water district that you and I in Wildomar are required to support, and who has promised to upgrade their decrepit system, but intend to send you and I the bill.

And these Little *ss water district customers have the gall to want guarantees that their average $40 per month water bills won’t go up after the merger.

Their naïveté is charming.

No one is offering the ratepayers of Wildomar any guarantee that their rates won’t go up. When don’t they?

Ironically, the $5.7 million that the Big A$$ water district will be  spending on Lakeland Village and Country Club Heights in Elsinore should be going into the development of increased sewage treatment capacity for Wildomar’s future commercial development along Clinton Keith Road.

How’s that for being “business friendly,” dear members of the Wildomar City Council?

Under normal circumstances, one would expect the elected officials from Wildomar to show up and vociferously oppose this lopsided merger. However, Big a$$ water district Director Andy Morris has already voted in favor of it, so he’ll be no help.

His first important vote involving the interests of Wildomar went against us. What does that tell you about Andy Morris? Chamber member? Of course.

Forget about Chamber of Commerce members, Mayor Marsha Swanson, Mayor pro tem Ben Benoit and Council member  Bridgette Moore doing anything substantial for the citizens of Wildomar.

It might actually be a violation of  Chamber rules for them to oppose outgoing Little *ss water district President Jeff George  and Little *ss Board member Kris Anderson, both Chamber members.

I have zero expectation that any official, elected or staff, from the City of Wildomar will be present to speak up on our behalf.

On the other hand, it will only be two more weeks until we get our next Chamber mixer update at a Wildomar City Council Meeting. Dare I hold my bated breath that long?

On a special note, Mayor Marsha Swanson is a paid real estate consultant (at $1,000 a month ) to the Big A$$ water district and has been for some time. That inherent conflict of interest guarantees that she won’t be fighting for any ratepayer in Wildomar on Tuesday.

Can the curious readers of Wildomar Magazine began to see the evil of the “shadow government” that the Chamber of Commerce represents? Community interests and borders/city limits mean nothing to these bedroom business entrepreneurs.

Zak is planning to attend the meeting on Tuesday, to represent his own and your interests, and will report accordingly.

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