Another Water District Blinks, Part II..



They can spin it however they want, but the bottom line is that the Elsinore Water District (“Little”) and the Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District (“Big”) are both suffering from that always embarrassing malady, “premature mis-calculation.”

Please click on the following Patch article for confirmation:

First, they prematurely mis-calculated  the ultimate exposure to un-involved, not to say un-interested, ratepayers for the repair or replacement of the entire decrepit infrastructure of the “little” District.

Second, they prematurely mis-calculated the negative response from the “big” District ratepayers from Wildomar, who generally don’t feel the need  to take on the costly obligation of fixing their Lake Elsinore and Lakeland Village neighbor’s plumbing problems.

Hopefully, what with the delay and all, the two Districts will properly do their math homework, before they make another attempt to foist another costly boondoggle (need Zak even mention the LEAPS Project?) onto the backs of their ever-calculating ratepayers.

Needless to say, if they attempt to bring back the merger without a proper cost study, we already have “our”  eyes wide open.

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