Steve Beutz Loses His Lawsuit But…




The things you find online while “googling” for court cases.

Former City Council candidate and anti-cityhood activist  Steve Beutz, who originally lost his lawsuit against Riverside County over  what he considered to be an unfair tax assessment , today received a gift in the form of a favorable ruling by  the 4th Appellate Court in Riverside, overturning an earlier adverse (to Beutz) decision by the Superior Court .

The decision effectively stops the assessment that was willfully established by over 55% of Wildomar’s participating property owners, who voted for the assessment to be levied against their own properties to pay for Wildomar’s parks.

The original assessment was a massive $28 per year, which is chump change to have parks in the community for kids and others, and nothing to have a tea party over, or to file a community-killing lawsuit.

One of Beutz’ political soulmates is planning to run for City Council. When that political connection is known to the voters, it should be the end of those misplaced aspirations for a seat on the Council.

You can read the decision for yourself by clicking on the following link:

As a result, it appears the funding source established by the earlier vote for a landscape maintenance assessment likely will have to be ended. Since Wildomar does not have sufficient funds to absorb the loss of revenue to operate the parks without the assessment, Marna O’Brien, Windsong and Heritage Parks will soon have to close until another funding source can be created, perhaps an impossible task in today’s tough economic circumstances for new communities like Wildomar.

After having read the decision and the facts within, it appears that the County of Riverside selected an engineering firm to prepare an “engineers report” to be utilized in the formation of the Landscape Management District. 

Alas, the Court found the report to be substandard.

The Court, in their decision summary stated, “also missing from the Report is analysis, in the first instance, of how or to what extent all Wildomar residential properties in particular, will specially benefit from their occupants’ anticipated use of the parks.

These deficiencies in the Report are of constitutional proportions.”

This lawsuit is only one of several that Steve Beutz and his litigious associates have brought against the County and Wildomar; so this  saga is not done yet.

In this case, however, his lawsuit apparently had some legal  merit, now confirmed by an Appellate Court decision. I doubt the city has financial resources to appeal this decision to the next higher court

Unfortunately, the end result will be to severely damage the lovely new community of Wildomar. 

I have not been this civically saddened since John Hayner and his angry band destroyed and shut down the Ortega Trails Recreation and Park District.

Comments will be permitted below. It is an opportunity for Wildomar’s citizens to go on the record for themselves.


6 Responses to Steve Beutz Loses His Lawsuit But…

  1. A happy Tea Bagger says:

    Congrats Steve

  2. Anonymous says:

    Steve you are a jerk!

  3. Senior Chief says:

    I guess the kids will play in the streets? My family uses one of the parks at least 4 times per week. I hope funding can be found. Seems like a simple minded twit who didn’t get his way wants to take his ball and go home – might as well, since there is no other place to play.

  4. Kathe says:

    I am again saddened with people like Steve. He and others like him are the ones that took our parks away the first time with OTRPD. I have never understood the mentality of then 20.00 a year and now the 28.00 a year that people don’t want to pay to have wonderful parks. These people all want something for nothing. They all say that they didn’t have to pay for parks where they used to live. So I say to Steve and his followers. “Go back to where you came from and we’ll all be happier.”

  5. Gary says:

    Maybe the County should have referenced the book in your title. May have been a different outcome.

  6. Martha L. Bridges says:

    This is not about the money or the parks. It’s about having our civic leaders do things right, and abiding by the law instead of trying to circumvent it.

    Wildomar Magazine needs to take a hard look at its sources of information. Perhaps you should not rely so heavily on the council members who have their own reasons for broadcasting negative, accusative and downright misleading information about potential rival candidates that they may find themselves running against in November.

    This candidate voted for the parks assessment, has willingly paid it for years, and has and is deeply concerned about keeping Wildomar’s parks open and expanding their use. I am actively working with city staff and community volunteers to make them and our trails safe and ADA compliant.

    This candidate knows that there is no reason to assume that Wildomar’s parks are in any danger of closure.

    Threatening that is Madame Mayor, Bridgette Moore, trying to cover her failure to comply with the State Constitution by diverting the voters’ attention away from her numerous mistakes in rushing head long to reopen the parks so she could ride the coat tails of that questionable achievement into elected office.

    There is more than enough waste in Wildomar’s current budget to cover the cost of park maintenance. So I say to you and everyone else, let’s cut the waste, and spend the taxpayers’ money on the essentials like public safety and the parks. Keep the parks open and available to our children, and make them more amenable to the needs of the adult population too.

    If budget money is needed for the parks, cut the wasteful salaries of ineffective interim staff, the overspending on non-essentials and city window dressing, and the outrageous smorgasbord of costly benefits the city council voted in for themselves and their families.

    A man of Zak’s intelligence should be able to grasp the concept that you can be against illegal assessments, and still very much in favor of parks.

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