Hey MVUSD, I Want A Cheap Office, Too…



That’s my current office in Suite 2642. Please knock before you enter. 

It currently costs me about $12 a square foot, per month, for my lease, which is a good deal for penthouse space on the fourth floor, at least until something better comes along.

In a stunning display of poor judgment, by even momentarily considering the use of  public funds to support a private business, the Murrieta Valley Unified School District (‘MVUSD”) is considering leasing  commercial office space at Murrieta Mesa High School to the Murrieta Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Please click on the following link and read the Californian article in today’s paper for yourself.


The District is justifying their  consideration with an implausible scenario of high school youth connecting to Chamber Members for potential career paths. Given the current economic conditions, I am not certain if a career in real estate is a good path (many Chambers of Commerce are excessively populated with real estate agents, networking like crazy at the monthly Chamber mixers, trying to hookup with a 100% commission office). We would prefer our youth  find real jobs.  (See October 2009 Archives)

Give me subsidized office space in a prime location with a paltry $1.10 per square foot lease and I, too, will generously assist high school seniors in finding a career as a claims adjuster in the insurance industry.

But I am going to need that deeply discounted office space first. 

And I will need plenty of free advertising in the local newspaper, noting my generosity as well. After all,  I  do have  a business to run, as does the Chamber of Commerce.

Money does not simply fall from trees, although, perhaps, it might seem so in Murrieta.

As the first President of the Murrieta Valley High School Site Council and volunteer pitching coach for the first  MVHS Girl’s softball team, back in  1992, I have a legacy of generous public service to Murrieta, so my bona fides likely surpass those of many of the current members of the Murrieta Chamber of Commerce.

Believe me, life in Murrieta would be far less annoying for it’s citizens if only the District Board would recognize that the Chamber of Commerce is merely another private commercial business entity, albeit a politically motivated and politically connected business entity, and that the Chamber of Commerce should not be accorded any benefits from public funding that is not provided to any other business  on the same basis.

Or, perhaps NO private business should benefit from the  limited and diminishing tax dollars, painfully extracted from Murrieta’s overtaxed property owners for the sole purpose of educating Murrieta’s children.

Comments can be made to zakturango@excite.com. If you prefer to make your comments via snail mail, my new address will hopefully soon be, as follows:

C/O General Delivery, Murrieta Mesa High School 


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