Sadly Taken Down That Road Less Traveled…..



 How is it that a young man with no formal education beyond high school, who has never been part of any city functions or regular attendance at the City Council meetings, can suddenly appear on Wildomar’s city scene and be named a planning Commissioner over a much more experienced and well-qualified, longtime resident who has repeatedly applied for appointment to the planning commission?

Council member Scott Farnam, in an unsurprising move, selected the unknown computer repairman Ben Benoit to be the new Wildomar Planning Commissioner on Wednesday evening at the City Council meeting. The other city Council members quickly and quietly assented, save for Sheryl Ade, who questioned Farnam’s selection (and Farnam’s residency status), through comparison of the two applicant’s obviously disparate resumes, quickly ratifying his nomination on a 4-1 vote, Ade being the sole opposing vote, without further serious discussion by the others.

What is going on in Wildomar?  Could it be as simple as the political ambition of Councilmember Scott Farnam, who may be hoping for access to or approbation from, Benoit’s father, Riverside County Supervisor John Benoit? Or is it something else?

Zak has been told by a reliable source, that young Benoit attends Eagle Ridge Church, located in Menifee.

The Wildomar Gazette, a recent startup faux newspaper and shameless Menifee business advertising vehicle, whose major sponsor, is Eagle Ridge Church, operates out of Menifee, as does Gazette editor, Patty Dorati.

Zak also noticed a poster on the wall of City Hall announcing, of all things, “Wildomar Night,” coming in August, at a Lake Elsinore Storm baseball game. Nothing unusual about that except that the contact for additional information is Menifee resident Patty Dorati,  editor of the Wildomar Gazette. Why?

Menifee this. Menifee that. Menifee here. Menifee there. Menifee everywhere. Why are Menifee entities and personalities suddenly so prominent  in Wildomar?

Zak will keep his eyes, ears and nose  open to try to keep Wildomar residents informed about this unusual intrusion by Menifee into our local civic life.

Eventually, the reason for this unusual  insinuation into the Wildomar scene will become an open and obvious condition. The passage of time tends to reveal truth.

Hopefully, young Benjamin, has a thick skin and understands that, with his appointment as a Planning Commissioner, he is now a public figure and has entered the opinionated, satirical world of Wildomar Magazine.

Comments can be made to  but only if they come from former members of Eagle Ridge Church in Menifee.

Folks with knowledge and experience are always more interesting to talk to.


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