Innocent Until Proven Guilty…..



With the news today of the arrest of Trevi  Entertainment Center owner Michel Knight, it also confirms that Lake Elsinore City Councilman Thomas Buckley is continuously being vindicated in his denial of the corruption charges promulgated by Knight.  Given the presumption of innocence until proven guilty in a criminal court, Knight is entitled to that presumption.

However, there is one individual in the City of Lake Elsinore that did not accord Buckley the same benefit. Steve Manos, who ran as a recall candidate for Buckley’s “empty” City Council seat in the event Buckley was recalled, clearly took the craven opportunist position that Buckley was corrupt and should be recalled and replaced with himself, Steve Manos, even though the allegations were false.

Now that Buckley continues to be vindicated with the arrest of Knight, this should be the end of Manos’ political aspirations in Lake Elsinore. However, as surely as the wafting of the aroma of dead fish rises every August from Elsinore’s lake, so will be the wafting of Steve Manos’ next candidacy, which arises every other August, just before every general election, or whenever an opportunity to run, and fail, to win a council seat again presents itself for Manos.

So, citizens of Lake Elsinore, when Steve Manos takes out papers this August for another run for city Council, join me, if you will, in a round of chuckles for the desperate political opportunist, Steve Manos.

If you think I am being a little harsh on Manos, understand that with his trying to take down a good man and dedicated public servant, Thomas Buckley, using unfounded allegations of corruption to do so, Manos earns my utter contempt.

At least Jimmy Flores ran for City Council on the basis that although he did not believe that Buckley was corrupt,  he was running for the potentially empty seat,  “just in case.”  Shabby but fair enough. However, Jimmy should have gone on record as simply opposing the recall itself.

And if you do not think that my contempt for Manos’ political opportunism carries any weight, call former Elsinore Mayor Pam Brinley and ask her opinion.

As I recall, the well-deserved political pounding and mockery that she took from Elsinore Magazine, for which I used to write, caused her to voluntarily choose to drop out of an re-election race she could have easily won as the incumbent.

I wear that feather in my hat with pride.

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