Menifee Goes On An Employee Shopping Binge..


Sometimes common sense requires one to take a step back, take a breath, and pause before making big decisions. So what is wrong with this picture in Menifee? When most cities and school districts are agonizing over budget and employee cutbacks, Menifee is about to go on an  employee shopping/spending binge for up to 8 employees. Then the city will need more space for those new employees, and the interim city manager is nowconsidering shifting to a 4/10 work schedule. For what? To save money?

Let us start with the interim city manager, who has been promoted from within the city, coming from the public works department, where he apparently has gained zero experience to qualify as a city manager.  (I have copied his title from the official city website).

Tony Elmo
Building Official

And now this guy whose primary job  was to stop you from building your house addition on a perimeter wall, unless you are doing so in the City of Wildomar;  this….this novice interim city manager, is going to hire a sh*tload of employees for various departments.

No wonder California is in such trouble economically, if this is typical bureaucratic thinking. If you have a lot of money in the bank, it is there to be spent.  How about saving some of it for a rainy day? or a recession?

Menifee is becoming the poster child for political dysfunction.

I thought the City Council had learned their lesson and were  looking into  hiring a new city manager to replace George Wentz, except this time, one with experience and a track record, like John Danielson, former interim City Manager for Wildomar.

Danielson did a stellar job in getting Wildomar out of its starting gates in tough economic times. Then, once he completed his work, he left, but he left Wildomar with a healthy  and viable city structure.

It would seem to me that that would be the most important council goal to hire someone like Danielson and then let him build up his or her own staff, while the council searches for a qualified permanent City Manager.

But that’s the problem with drunken sailors on liberty, they have too much money to spend in a very short period of time before their ship sails again. Much the same as politicians, some of whom will soon be up for re-election.  

This is going to be fun to watch, folks. But sad for the residents of Menifee who, I am sure, would like nothing better than to have mature leadership in their city.

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