Mayor Moore’s Taxi Service To Elsinore…


Despite her preemptive protestation that she didn’t want to be glib, Mayor Bridgette Moore glibly suggests that Wildomar pay for taxicab rides to Lake Elsinore for marijuana for those who are suffering medical conditions that cause them pain and for which marijuana may be the appropriate palliative.

Not only is the author inaccurate and uninformed in Mayor Moore’s ghost-written piece for Southwest Riverside News Network, as Lake Elsinore has a moratorium on medical marijuana dispensaries and the ones that do exist, do so in County areas  along Grand Avenue in Lakeland Village.

But the glib, childish suggestion comes at a time when mature leadership needed to be present last Wednesday evening, and it was, in the form of four, wise “aye” votes, and not in  a whispered “nay” vote, as those persons behind Wildomar’s marijuana  collective will have a workable ordinance to operate under or Wildomar will have expensive litigation on their hands. These persons, motivated to help others,  are not going to wait while cities ponder outcomes that are being decided, in a tsunami format, in the larger political sphere of California, statewide. This is not a threat; it is a fact.

This is not about being rushed; rather  it is about urgency dictated by circumstances and political and societal changes far larger than Wildomar.

Another facet of the glib suggestion is the insult to our neighboring city, Lake Elsinore. Given Lake Elsinore’s checkered history, to suggest sending persons to Lake Elsinore for their marijuana is to presume that Lake Elsinore is a readily available resource of the product. 

One can only imagine the sense of insult that will be expressed in Lake Elsinore’s Council Chambers.

To be fair, I have now insulted Lake Elsinore myself by suggesting that it has a checkered history but, as a prime contributor to Elsinore Magazine, and a former regular dart tosser at the “Wreck,” I may have actually contributed to it’s reputation. 

Before you laugh at the “Wreck,” however, stop in someday at the Hideaway on Mission trail in Wildomar for a reality check.

What Wildomar needs right now is adult leadership, not someone with a wet finger in the wind, daintily testing to see which way it might blow.

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