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“An independent audit states that in its first 18 months, the Menifee city finance department has been mismanaged, understaffed, prone to costly billing errors, open to conflicts of interest and even making payments on contracts that weren’t authorized by the City Council.

After looking over the report Friday, Finance Committee Chairman Scott Mann concluded there was approximately $135,000 in overbilling, $121,000 in back billing, $76,000 in double billing, and $60,000 in charges from unauthorized subcontractors.

Those figures add up to $392,000 in combined billing errors, and the auditors reviewed only six of the city’s 31 contracts that make up about 19 percent of the city’s $21 million budget. Most of the billing errors have already been made public.

“I can’t believe the scope of sloppiness and mismanagement emphasized in this report,” Mann said. “This is not the way to run a business, municipality or a school district.”

Citing a stunning report issued by a San Bernardino auditing firm, as reported in today’s Californian, the city of Menifee finds itself in a startling dilemma for a new city, or even an old one.

See the following link for yourself:

Although the usual attitude for bloggers like the mythical and mirthful Editor of Wildomar Magazine Zak Turango, is to gloat over such a windfall dilemma in “gotcha” politics, this is not the time for gloating. This is a serious matter, arising in tough economic circumstances and a time for real leaders to rise up on behalf of the  citizens of Menifee.

It is so serious, Zak will even go on record in commending Menifee City Councilman Scott Mann  for taking a leadership role in quickly turning to an outside  auditing firm in order to fully investigate and disclose the embarrassing circumstances we are all now reading about.

As to the humble recommendation noted in the title of this piece, former Interim Wildomar City Manager John Danielson is likely available as a resource for Menifee since Wildomar has now hired another competent professional as permanent city manager, Frank Oviedo, to replace him. Wildomar Magazine suggests someone from Menifee might want to contact Danielson.

Danielson was initially discovered and vetted by Wildomar Council member Sheryl Ade, as Wildomar’s new City Council groped for answers on how to get the new city of Wildomar off the ground. 

Ade says she was impressed by Danielson at their first meeting. She says she liked the fact that, rather than “pimping for the  job,” Danielson graciously discussed what qualities Wildomar should look for in a City Manager. 

Ade was sufficiently impressed with his professionalism, that she became an ardent supporter of his retention as Interim City Manager , once Wildomar became a city.

In addition to his managerial skills, Danielson was able to tap into his own network of gifted and professional colleagues, who also performed well in getting Wildomar off the launch pad and into orbit, albeit a low earth orbit, given the current economic conditions statewide.

For what it’s worth, Wildomar Magazine humbly suggests  John Danielson  for any future consideration as Menifee gropes for its own urgent solutions.

Danielson did a good job for Wildomar.

‘Nuff said.

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You have to know Zak serious is when he not only passes on another chance to mock Scott Mann, but also to offer a sincere compliment to him on his leadership.

There’ll be plenty of opportunities for additional mocking in the future, I’m sure.


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