Why Manos Doesn’t Matter….


Two Time Election Loser Steve Manos’ quote in today’s Californian discussing why the recall of Thomas Buckley failed badly, attaches: 

“The recall proponents disappeared from the scene after November and there was nobody to counter the argument (against the recall),” Manos said. “I would have preferred to have a respectful disagreement and debate issues, but what happened was just name-calling. … I felt if we had been able to run a race just on the issues, I could win that election.”

The entire election was all about the only issue involved;  whether the people of Lake Elsinore believed that Buckley had taken money when there was no evidence that he had. Zip. Nada. End of story with the defeat of the “dishonest ” recall.

There were no other issues, period. Campaigning actively for and winning a meaningless male beauty contest by only 14 votes is still a political loss, however. Manos wanted a seat at the head table and didn’t get one.

However, post-election, there is the lingering issue of why Manos thinks Lake Elsinore city hall is corrupt and what that means, anyway.  If there is evidence, bring on the evidence.

Elsinore used to be corrupt  but Buckley changed that.

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