“Marmaduke” The Movie, Is Closer Now…

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Zak (shown above at a modest 5’9″ height) heard there was a nine-foot tall hydrant in the lobby of the Murrieta theater so he had to check it out for confirmation. Yep, it’s there all right.

And my funny little boy, Timmy,  is one of the primary reasons why it’s there. (I almost trained him to be a good claims adjuster).

Writing together with his partner,  my son-in-law Vince Di Meglio, in their odd,  quirky style humor, yet  always tinged with some tender,  human qualities.

So, permit me to boast, in a most Christian display of humility that ole Zak can conjure up, of their accomplishments/credits:

Fits and Starts, a short film starring my beautiful daughter-in-law, Stacie (shown below)  that received honorable mention at Sundance and opened Hollywood’s doors to the boys. 

You can find  and enjoy it by a simple search on Youtube.com.

Meet the Fockers (although they did not get ultimate screenplay credit), but here’s an early credit before Writer’s Guild politics entered the fray.

Directed by: Jay Roach
Written by: Jim Herzfeld, Tim Rasmussen, Vince DiMeglio
Cast: Robert De Niro, Ben Stiller, Dustin Hoffman, Barbra Streisand, Teri Polo

License to Wed,  starring Robin Williams and,

Smother, starring Diane Keaton, which they wrote, produced and directed. (Faux disclaimer: This movie has absolutely nothing to do with the story of  Zak’s bad first marriage, so don’t try to rent it from Netflix),

and now, Marmaduke.

Not a bad run of flicks, Tim and Vince. Your old man is proud:-)

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