Too Gullible To Identify….



Today’s Californian reports on churches duped by their own ignorance but did not identify the Murrieta congregation and leadership, apparently to protect said leadership from ridicule and criticism. 

“State Attorney General Jerry Brown said as many as 30 Southern California churches —- three in Riverside County —- may have been defrauded, with the same companies suspected of bilking other churches in as many as 10 other states.

The local churches involved were in Murrieta, Perris and Moreno Valley.

The companies offered churches free computer kiosks that could serve as electronic message boards and generate advertising revenue, Brown said.

Instead, churches were left with leases as high as $45,000 per year for what amounted to little more than desktop computers and printers housed in podium-sized wooden boxes,” the attorney general’s office said in a statement.”

Since churches are tax-free, non-profit organizations, the general public is forced to subsidize their existence.  Generally speaking, the benefits provided by churches outweighs the costs to the community.  However, when church leaders forget that their church sanctuary is just that; a place of safety from the excesses of our world and put an advertising medium within that place of “safety,” leaders too greedy/naive to protect their flock should bear having to read of their greed/naivete in a public forum.

It is a matter of time before someone will publish the identity of this Murrieta church and we will then know who the advertising genius is. Rest assured, yea, rest in  Blessed Assurance, that Wildomar Magazine will update you.

Comments can be made below.  Wildomar Magazine denies placing any advertising on the Murrieta kiosk.  Zak has too much respect for God’s little sheep to try take any advantage, unlike their supposed shepherd.

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