Living Well In….

April 17, 2014


An unsolicited update for the readers of Wildomar Magazine.

Sheryl and I have been enjoying our new residence in a Senior (55 years +) Community in Hemet since December 2013. After completing the always exhausting rigors of moving, we eventually processed the stack of boxes in our new home and have settled into a pleasant, daily routine for our still-busy lives.

We live in community that has a plethora of nearby eating establishments, when my limited cooking and grilling skills are uninteresting to the joint palate, not to mention a variety of shopping choices for our personal and residential needs.

After taking a permanent,  salaried position with my employer,  whose corporate offices are located in Houston Texas,  I found that the demands of  handling a full-time  claims desk, even  if it’s a desk in my home office with no commute anywhere, exceeded the abilities and capabilities of my age and physical status  (almost  5 years post–stroke),  so I  formally semi-retired, returning to  a much more flexible and less demanding  status as an independent adjuster, completing  limited task field assignments for the same company, as well as another related  company.

As a result, I am in complete control of my work schedule  and my stress level is happily appropriate for an active 67-year-old senior citizen.

In addition, despite the physical distance from Wildomar (approximately 25 miles), my interest in things Wildomar  has properly waned to the extent that, although I continue to monitor  the limited news outlets for information about Wildomar, as well as maintaining daily, personal contacts persons whom I count  important, I am still able to maintain a reduced presence on Wildomar  Magazine, publishing articles and providing information and commentary when I moved to do so.

Filling the void which was previously occupied  by publishing a WM article 2-3 times per week , I have begun work on my personal Vietnam memoir  for my son and grandson. Perhaps, depending on my happiness with my expanding work product, I may upload  portions of  my memories onto Page 2 , ” Vietnam, 1968 ; A Year  For A Lifetime.”  However, since the format of a larger  creative work, such as a personal memoir, is not the same as a  “stand alone” article written for a WM format, I’m not certain that  it would be as effective as I would like it to be.

In any event,  I’m certainly not going to  stress about it. Eventually, the entire memoir will be completed, published and made available, in its entirety,  to any interested readers.

At the end of the day, after one-third of a year in our new home, we are pleased and quite satisfied with our decision to move to “our” portion of Pleasantville.

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Political Piggery At the Political…..

April 16, 2014


According to documents just received from the City Clerk of the City of Wildomar, in response to my Public Records Act request, the aforementioned Chamber of Commerce Networking Breakfast was attended by 6 members of city staff, at taxpayers expense, including the following:

1). City Manager
2). City Clerk
3). Planning
4). Engineering
5). Two other unidentified personnel

At a cost of $12 per person for “members,” the taxpayers of Wildomar ponied up a total of $72 for a greasy breakfast at a Lake Elsinore greasy spoon for the purpose of “networking.”

While attendance by the City Manager might, under certain circumstances, be appropriate, what possible benefit to the City of Wildomar is attendance by the City Clerk, Planning and Engineering Department personnel, not to mention the loss of employee productivity, while they were absent from their work stations?

In the future, city staffers who are active Chamber  members, should be required to pay for their own meals (and submit an expense reimbursement  request, justifying a legitimate city business reason to attend) and request time away from their desks by using accrued vacation time, or personal time, or at the very least, Leave Without  Pay (“LWOP”).

However, the requested documentation also displayed the exorbitant cost to the City of Wildomar taxpayers for the purchase of not one, but two tables, at the Chamber’s Annual Installation dinner.

On February 11, 2014, the City of Wildomar purchased a table for 8 persons, at a cost of$630, and again on February 25, 2014, paid an additional $580 for another 8 persons to attend the “black tie optional” affair, including the following:

1). City Manager (for two seats)
2). City Clerk
3). Planning
4). Planning Commission (for four  seats)

 It is likely that the first table for 8 was occupied by City Councilmembers and their spouses for an evening of political piggery at the preeminent political trough  and, once again, at the expense of the taxpayers of the City of Wildomar.

If the members of the small but indulgent political clique want to abuse their  recommended caloric intake  limitations for healthy people (approximately 2000 calories per day), they should do so at their own personal risk and expense.

Suffice it to say that the ultimate responsibility  for this unrestrained “snacking attitude” rests with the City Council, and their employers, the voting taxpayers of the City of Wildomar.

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The next time the City Council blames the lack of funding on any City of Wildomar operational deficit,  consider their spending habits, their expenditure of more than $1300 for food in February/March alone.

If my memory doesn’t fail me,  didn’t the City of Wildomar boast rather loudly about a $1765 surplus at the end of fiscal year 2012? So much for thrift!

For the record, the  Press Enterprise reporter  is incorrect  in stating that the  $1700 savings is a  “per month”  savings, and not an “end of budget” year surplus.

Changing Wildomar’s Ranch Community…One High Density….

April 3, 2014


The freshly constituted five-member Wildomar Planning Commission voted 4-1  to allow Rancon Development to move forward with a General Plan Amendment with the ultimate intention of building a high density residential project on land currently intended for half acre parcel minimums.

According to a blog by Joseph Morabito, who attended the meeting and reported on the issue, only Planning Commissioner Veronica Langworthy, who lives in the ranch community, voted against the request.

Please follow the link to his blog, for context:

Unfortunately, once the developer has completed his application, as in the past, the majority of the Wildomar City Council will eventually approve the high-density  project, citing the expense the developer has incurred in the application process as their justification for doing so .

As a result, the face and personality of Wildomar will forever be changed by high-density development .

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 The November 2014 election appears to be  ranch-style Wildomar’s last chance to save itself from the current  Wildomar City Council and their pro-development  Planning Commissioner appointees and City Staff.

Eventually, even the “litigation community activists” will grow weary of  trying to spare Wildomar from it’s self-fulfilling prophecy.

Wildomar City Hall/Developer Lose Round…

March 27, 2014


Litigation is much like a 12 round boxing match. Each round can be scored, unless there is a knockout.

Yesterday, in Round 1, the Superior Court judge ruled against  the City of Wildomar political clique and their Developer co-defendant, CV Communities,  dismissing their motions  that would have put an end to the litigation filed by  Alliance for Intelligent Planning (“Alliance”), which argues that  the original approval granted by the County for the now-environmentally-inadequate tract map owned by CV Communities had actually expired.

For the record, if Alliance prevails  in the litigation,  CV Communities can still develop the land that they own. However,  they must  re-start the  application process  from Square One, meaning that they will  be appropriately required  to address all of the  environmental changes, which have naturally  occurred since  their predecessor developer  submitted the  original tract map for approval to the county.

 In most “normal”  cities, where real estate-driven politicians, and their  staff/appointees,  are not so influential, a developer bringing an expired tract map forward  would have  presented an opportunity  for  citizen-centric city officials to require a developer to address,  and improve upon, their proposed project.

In the abnormal City of Wildomar, where you can smell the economic desperation, current and past city staff members  improperly extended the expiration date  of this project, which is the fundamental basis of the current litigation, an issue which remains to be resolved in later rounds.

However,  because of yesterday’s ruling by the Court, there will be no early knockout  by Wildomar City Hall/Developer.

Eventually, in my opinion,  Alliance and the citizens of Wildomar will prevail in this relatively simple legal  matter;  “Is the tract map expired or not? “

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“Can’t Figure Out Why…

March 23, 2014

Waiting for further programming by our fearless leader.


How about political incompetence as an elected official?

According to blogger Joseph Morabito, based on a recent  Lake Elsinore /Wildomar Patch blog  his critical thinking skills admittedly need some calibration, as follows:

For example, the following:

1)  Councilmember Moore is primarily responsible for leading the Wildomar  City Council into joining the unaffordable Animal Friends of the Valleys  Joint Powers Authority, at an annual cost in excess of $300,000 over providing  animal control services for itself.

2) Councilmember Moore, as well as Mayor Marsha Swanson were well aware of the  then-ongoing  parks litigation against Riverside County, which produced a  courtroom defeat in 2009 and the resultant loss of a $28 per year  funding source for Wildomar’s parks. Both ignored the public recommendation, by yours truly, to immediately  place a “parcel tax” on the very next ballot opportunity. Instead,  Moore and Swanson  had to “hear from the community,” producing a six month delay while they created their Blue Ribbon Commission, which was stacked with politically naive cronies.

This resulted in the unfortunate, and politically lethal, recommendation for a  Mello Roos/Communities Facilities District  in Measure D, which measure  failed miserably in June 2011. As a result of their incompetence, the parks are still closed, at least until April.

If Bridgette Moore was merely a very active private citizen, none of the above would matter.

However, as a prominent member of the Wildomar City Council, her  “leadership”  is subject to the review and “critical analysis”  of any and all of its citizens, including Morabito and myself. 

In Morabito’s case, he wants you to buy a Moorebot T-shirt from his on-line t-shirt link.

Yours truly,  on the other hand, can only offer  thoughtful commentary. 

Go figure.

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Rise Of The….

March 9, 2014


While they appear to be human, they are, at best, only humanoid.

They can be recognized by their unfiltered, unmitigated, and thoughtless support of anything proposed or voted upon by the Wildomar City Council, including the recent proposal to make the entire City of Wildomar a “potential annexation area” for Communities Facilities District. 2013-1, a Mello Roos scheme to tax every single property proposed to be built in the future in Wildomar. (Don’t presume for a moment that if the new homes do not provide sufficient revenue, the Wildomar City Council will not  eventually ask existing homeowners to tax themselves.)

 Please click on the link to the City of Wildomar agenda ( (and  scroll down to Page) 4, for context, as follows:

If you want to upload the entire 847 page agenda packet( you should bring lunch, if you do), you will see Appendix A, which shows the entire city’s boundary of Wildomar as being the legal setting for the proposed CFD boundary.

The most verbose versions of the sycophantic  Moorebot can be found in the comment sections of the pages of the Lake Elsinore/Wildomar Patch, where the Rise of the Machines is most self-evident.

Another significant identifier  is the absence of outrage, by any of the Moorebots, especially  the  female-”designated” models, to the  sub-juvenile and unrepentant hand-drawn  cartoon depiction of a breast  cancer survivor, post surgery. In real humans, all women, and most  enlightened men, would demand a public apology by the cartoonist to the victim of his vile creation.

Instead, there is only silence, broken by the metallic hum of electrical activity produced primarily by the internal cooling  fan of each Moorebot.

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A New Level Of Silliness…

March 5, 2014

Marsha Swanson Business advice


On Friday past, the City of Wildomar exceeded, in a negative manner, the glory days of  having a goat parade through the City’s halls as  “Mayor for the Day.”

Instead, according to copies of  e-mails just received from the City of Wildomar  in response to my Public Records Act request,  Councilmember Bridgette Moore teamed up with Mayor  Marsha Sequine Swanson to provide  a “tour of City Hall” to a holistic massage specialist  from  another city, apparently representing the Inland Valley Business Community Foundation (“IVBCF”), another  Chamber of Commerce-like group, predicated on previous  tours granted by the cities of Temecula and Murrieta.

According to  an e-mail from  the city’s Administrative Analyst to Mayor Swanson, the following:

“Hi Marsha,

 Ron from the Inland Valley Business Community Foundation has been calling to request a tour of City Hall with you and other members of the organization. He said that he has done this in the past with Temecula/Murrieta. And when I explained our facility was much smaller, he asked, if you would be able to speak about business in Wildomar after the mini-tour. Are you interested in participating?”

 As a result, the original grand “Tour”  was reduced to a “mini-tour,” followed by the inappropriate use of the Council Chamber by Mayor Swanson, according to reports, to make a speech , once again denigrating  citizens of Wildomar  for using the Courts  to  seek redress for the  City Council’s  unrelenting dysfunction in approving  substandard developments.

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It appears that these people have no ethical  filters with which to decline to permit the  mis-use of city facilities and city personnel time  simply because someone wants to promote their own business activities.

 According to my sources, the entire function was poorly attended.

 According to the  IVBCF,  “Ron”  appears to be the  organization’s “City Coordinator,-Breakfast  Meetings and Educational Tours. “

 For more information on  “Ron,”  please click on the following link:

It may only be post-Wildomar nostalgia, but I’m beginning to miss the goat.


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